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Hi Peter,

Wow, your Tug is amazing.  :clap:

The brass skylight was already amazing and then you added the opening and closing mechanism! It is very nice indeed. The towing hook is a work of art too!

You are  a true craftsman!

How long have you been building this tug?



--- Quote from: MONAHAN STEAM MODELS on January 27, 2009, 09:05:46 PM ---...

You are  a true craftsman!


--- End quote ---

Here Here! We agree with that statement!


Hi Nick I have been building it on and of for about 6 years but every so often I get a bit of info and alter it , I have just re made the superstucture and the engine room vent in the last year , also as I find better ways of doing something I alter it , I am in no rush to finnish it its just something I work on every so often , It is steam powerd but unfortunatly not by one of your nice plants, its got a Gemini in it with abc , all the brass fittings for the boat are compleat there are a few trays of them, it realy just needs the latest few mods and paint, and thats prob why its taken so long as I hate paint and am prob altering things so I dont have to do it. thanks for the Kind words Gents


This bit is way  :offtopic: but I would like to say Hi to Nick.

How about showing us a bit on those little engines you make.

We don't mind a bit of publicity for you, and I am sure the members would love to see them.

Even if it makes us drool over the keyboard and blow up our PC's.



Thanks for showing use your work, your making an absolute wonderful model a real craftsman job.
 :clap: :clap: :clap: :clap: :clap: :clap:




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