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Hi Don, thanks for the welcome.

What can I say without boring you too much? After a sudden change in company direction, we started making Titanium and Black Zirconium rings about 10 years ago, which also led to an addiction for technology in engineering. You don't really need fancy CNC's and lasers to make them but it certainly makes it a lot more interesting when you've got 'em. We've been building up the laser carved Celtic designs for the past two years and taught ourselves diamond setting and polishing techniques to make us totally unreliant on outworkers - in fact the only operation that we need to outsource is diamond setting Princess cut (square) diamonds - but not for long now!

Black Zirconium rings (which is what the morse code one is above at the start of the thread) are becoming more popular in the UK now along with Zirconia and Black Tungsten so it's interesting times at the moment - I don't want to go home sometimes, it's a crazy whirlwind existance   :borg:

David Morrow:

--- Quote from: Brass_Machine on November 30, 2008, 04:33:07 PM ---Those are very cool. My mill needs to be CNC'd first!


--- End quote ---

I CNC'd my mill but I can't see how you would do any of these with CNC. Just basic manual projects so just jump right in.

You can make rings on conventional lathes easily, but on a production level where time is money, CNC is essential. A Celtic knot like this one pictured would be extremely difficult to achieve accurately without CNC capability.


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