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Russell Nash:
I kind of skimmed the thread, so I don't know if this has been covered yet.  I don't need to look at most of the people I chat with, but I do like to look at their projects.  I will show what I'm working on to people and they can ask me questions about it.  This of course works both ways.  It has helped to solve many problems.

Skype: rssllnash

I like seeing the people; it adds another dimension to the links between like-minded lunatics.

I use the messaging feature extensively and have long chats with people, sometimes extending over several days. It is more convenient than e-mail and the occasional quick voice call is a bonus.

I would be happy to link up with any of you blokes.


Skype: jimgreethead

Was a long term user until my younger Brother passed away as we always kept in contact. Still have it to make long distance & international calls as its way cheaper than landline charges and if my friends have webcams even better :wave:
I'l try to remember to fire it up when online and see what happens.
Skype name blue_hills picked as it matches the colours the Flinders Ranges go through during the day & evening though getting hard to see with the buildings now getting in the way.


hi and all respect  :) :) :)
You guys can chat all you want using Skype,  :beer:  but I think you get yourselves in a big time of trouble,…    :Doh: :Doh: :Doh:

because guys like me,   :D :D :D “the newbie’s” will have the great opportunity,  :ddb: :ddb: :ddb: just aim the camera over the machine and call any of you online ask “what are we doing wrong?”  :poke:  :palm: or “how to use a parting tool” etc. Nice,  :nrocks: really!  :ddb: :ddb: :ddb: Or maybe you will want to see real time to diagnose the problem,  :coffee: or better yet show “how to do it”… as long as you are available,  :proj: we will keep bothering you.

kind regards,

Unal  :D :D :D

great idea; rob_schilperoort is my skype id, any classic car questions?


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