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               An informative post for milling machine owners, well done.

                                                                                                              Cheers David

Thank you guys for your kind words - appreciated  :thumbup:

... and well deserved!

Your post helped me get rid of the "too slow spindle speed" syndrome. Since upping the speed while using an appropriate feed rate as indicated by you, mild steel melts like butter on my little machine.

Cheers! :bow:

Thank you CrazyModder, you certainly have the right 'name' to be here  :)

Just searched and came across this post. A great post and reassuring as I created my first chips om my mill yesterday. I notice that doing a plunge cut with a slot mill, 10mm into 8mm mild steel plate my machine vibrated a lot. Essentially I was drilling a 10mm hole.

I've since decided that holes need to be drilled using a drill!  But it was a good trial and error practice.

I ended up guessing at 700rpm for spindle speed when cutting a slot, and taking no more that 0.5mm depth of cut, so not too far out, I shall bookmark this thread for future reference.


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