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Engraving on Precious Metals, A. Brittain P. Morton


Engraving on Precious Metals
A. Brittain   P. Morton
NAG Press,Clerkwell House
First copyright 1958, Reprint 2009
ISBN 978 0 7198 0022 1
hardcover, 228pgs. B&W illustrations and charts and tables
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          This book was put together originally as a group of lessons that appeared in the Journal of Goldsmithing of The Worshipful Company of Goldsmithing in 1957. As a means of getting together in one text book, pertinent information for the new people coming into the trade of engraving.
              They did a wonderful job, in 15 packed chapters of techniques, tip, process and procedures. For the basics of picking out tools, getting gravers prepared for use. And all the minor things you needs to do a first rate job.
              The second chapter deals with transfer of a design, cuts and how to produce them to the position of the hands.
The third chapter, called exercises in engraving. Deals with Heraldry, and all the correct definitions of the various parts and terms, along with the proper cuts to represent the colors on the heralds, and the shadings. Monogram panels are also covered.
               Chapters #4 thru #8 deal with how you do the basic Letter or as we have come to call the font styles.  The basic cuts, the strokes, upper and lower case, along with numbers. Like in brush painting signs, the have developed certain stroke /cut sequences that produce the best looking letters. Script, Looped Script, Monograms, Block, Roman and old English lettering, along with a number of sub sets of associated fonts. All the cuts, spacing and other information to produce great looking items.  They also cover art and illusion, placing the engraving on materials,Mixed lettering, spacing, layout of the inscription. And finishing up with special considerations for different materials( castings bronze, silver work, sheet metal and other materials).

             #9 is on more advanced and awkward jobs, pens, pencils,cups,wedding rings. It also covers special clamps, polished articles.

            #10 covers polishing,erasing and restoring surfaces, from avoiding scratches, burnishing, erasing an engraved mark, removing engine turning, and using a polishing machining. And the pro's and cons of using grease mops, rouge mops and dry mops (polishing buffs)

            #11 Piercing metals, Engraving ivory and inlaying along with placing the item on leather goods, other metals, cutting ivory, plastic and woods. Changes in the methods used to engrave ivory. Sharpening the gravers for ivory, the type and style of gravers used for ivory. And then inlaying ivory.  I found the difference from scrimshaw and engraving on ivory interesting.

             #12 Ornamental engraving, clock plates, clock faces, watch cocks. Methods of transfer of design,Acanthus leaf patterns, leaf and stem designs. And the art of balancing a design.

              Chapters 13 and 14 covers workshop hints and tips, from practice metals, slipping gravers, lubricants and oilstone choices, acid engraving.  Machine engraving and filling the engraved surface. The machine information my be a little dated as it is all manual type machines. But it does cover the types that one might find on both
sides of the pond. It covers brass plates, filling ivory, wood, metal and plastics, acid engraving. And ends with setting marcasites by machine.

              Why would a book on hand engraving contain chapters on machine, acid engraving?  This book was set up and written for the commercial engraver. They do say that in a wide ranging shop there is a need and place for the pantograph machine. To keep the profit margin up for the low cost customers

             The last chapter is a section of 39 fonts that can be used as idea's for the engraver. This book all though not cheap is well worth the money. Whether it is for a serious student or for some of the other information contained in it, heralds, other assorted other materials. Or just techniques and procedures used at the time period. Lots of nice clear line drawings.

I am looking for this book if anyone has one for sale please let me know.



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Amazon have it listed new at $28

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