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Six pack


Powder Keg:
Here is a quick picture of another project. I got a chance to play on the CNC at work;o)


Oooooh sweet!

Size? Deck Guns?


Powder Keg:
Forgot about that... They are 26" long and have a 1.5" bore. Here is a picture of my drilling setup.


Powder Keg:
Got some more done on these :worthless:

Here is one of my barrels set up on the CNC mill I run at work.

I machined pockets into the sides for the trunnions to screw into.

Here is a finished pocket. It was milled on the CNC with a 1.5" endmill.

This old mill is kind of a "bull in a china store" when it comes to threading. Better do this buy hand;o)

More to come...



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