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Chunky Tag Heuer 1000m with relumed hands and bezel markers>>>>

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Divided he ad:
Nice watches.... That Seiko is huge  :bugeye:   You got to have some confidence to be taking these types of watches to bits and restoring them!! either that or  :loco:   :lol:
Joking of course, I'd be very scared of opening one of them.


I've got some of that glow powder.... Works for hours  :thumbup:

I got it when I was playing with shallow cast resins (few years ago now)  paper weights and the likes.... Still got loads left too, very cool stuff  :)

I have mixed it in clear and coloured resin, superglues and clear varnishes. Found it a bit hard to get the consistency correct, lots of patchiness in the final product.... suppose that's where the "carefully" bit comes in!?

Anywho, very cool  :headbang:


Thanks lads,

I must add the Seiko was mine BUT pictured their with the new owners watches, certainly makes the Rolex look TINY. :D

Swiss watch work can be rather stressful due to price for replacement parts and excess fiddliness hence why I, prefer working on Seikos as better thought out and generally better built and movements more robust.

The lume is applied from the back of the hands with an oiler basically like a needle.


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