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Chunky Tag Heuer 1000m with relumed hands and bezel markers>>>>

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Nice Chunky Tag Heuer 1000m with relumed hands and bezel markers.

Hi there,

I would imagine it's 316L stainless steel and the finish most likely satin finish bead blast.
Imo the watch diameter isn't that large it's the thickness that JUTS of the wrist a lot!

Now this Seiko 600m in the middle below is really huge!>>

51mm diameter outer shroud and 17mm thickness!

Hope that helps.


how do you relume the hands and with what ?

Hi Jason,

The hands are hollow some would say the hands have been fine blanked but probably more of a chemical etch process, I use a suitable varnish or binder/dope and mix the Strontium Aluminate(100% non toxic) glow powder into the binder and carefully fill the hollow hands from the underside it can take some practice with the broader hands.

If you ever need any glow powder I have LOTS of blue and green glow emission!

How does the glow powder work. I don't mean 'how does it glow'... but how do you work with it? I see earlier you mention mixing it? Would you care to give a good insight on the powder? I am keen to know.



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