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Any views on 3MT collets use in a milling machine? I have heard they can be a bit of a sod to release, is this so?



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Well Darren, I use MT3's in mine and I've never had much trouble.... Well I have a 4lb mini sledge hammer if they act up!  ;)

That said, as soon as I am able to afford it I am aiming to change to er32 collets and chuck. They help you be able to hold metric and imperial tooling, twist drills and all sorts.... Making for less stress IMO.  ;D

What do you hold end mills and slot drills in now then?

Hope this is of some help?


I hear MT3's can be a nad's tight to release sometimes but I believe it's also relative to how much you swing on the drawbar in the first place.

My little mill is an R8 taper and that's pretty easy to release, Bogsie made a comment earlier in a thread about how much easier he was finding R8 over MT3, but at the end of the day MT3 has worked for thousands of folk for many years so it can't be all bad.


Hi Guys,

At the mo all I have is an MT3 Osbourn Titanic with just two collets 1/2" & 5/8". The came with the mill.
They work really well, but not much good for slotting the ball turner at 1/4".  ;D
I have searched for some time for more collets, but all I can ever find come with the whole unit. Even then there may only be one collet of use to me.

For a quick cheap fix I was considering a 1/4" MT3 collet, would also fit the mini lathe should I ever find the need.

But those ER collets do look attractive don't they. I assume they work well. Being able to hold drill bits properly as well should be a bonus.

I'll rustle up some brain cells and think some more on it.


You should find that a MT collet releases easier than a full blown MT taper. But not much. Lead hammers work wonders.



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