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Do not install Adobe flash player 10 it will add a block to your computer!!!!!


Do not install Adobe flash player 10 it will add a block to your computer. If you use Photbucket

Here's the official statement from PB

We are sorry that you are currently experiencing issues with the one-click copy feature provided with your Photobucket account. Adobe recently released Adobe Flash Player Version 10. There were changes in that program to prevent problems with potentially dangerous content being added to your clipboard. Those changes interacted with the one-click copy feature provided by Photobucket.

Photobucket is actively working on a resolution for the issue and plans to have that available in the near future.

I hate adobe! A number of years ago, when the PDF reader was updating it swept my computer for other of their products, It removed older versions of all the products I had been using. the PDF editor, and other PDF and photo software I had purchased.
The editor program was a down load. When I complained to them I was told tuff buy a new copy, I told them that I didn't need all the fancy stuff for what I did. They said to bad buy a big bucks copy and don't use the stuff.
So be careful as their stuff tends to auto load and install before you can stop it.
I removed flash player 10 and the auto copy now works again.

Thanks very much for the info Glen,

I thought it was my mouse software that was playing up, so I have uneccesarily updated that. It didn't cure the problem anyway, but I now know what the problem is.

I too have had trouble with Adobe software, so I went in and stopped it doing any checks or downloads unless I tell it to.


should have added this to the first post
has some quick fixes till it is corrected. I also understand that there might be some other problems too. its in the TECH help section of the forum under auto copy and a couple of other questions.


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