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Rich's 1/16 scale monitor engine video.

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That would be something... build a full RC version of the Monitor! uh oh, I think I feel a loooong term project starting.  :bugeye:


Thanks for the link Glen. His engine are  :jaw:.

The thing I like about his engine builds is the fact no 3D modeling or CNC machines are used. It's just plain talent and a few brain cells. As the article in HSM shows when he made that steam pipe. A bit of ingenuity and using your hands. Now that's talent.




Rich's tools for assembling the engine and tuning, Gold dollar in the center, other than the smallest commercial wrench made the craftsman upper left. Rich has made or modified all the tools. Including the one with the working drain cock on it lower left side.

Here is a link to 29 pictures in a flicr album in case I lost some of the singles

Lost for words,  :bow:


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