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Light on... Light off!!


Divided he ad:
Just a little quicky... Does everyone have one of those light pull string switches in their bathroom?  (legal requirement in the UK)

Well I was asked by a friends wife to make her one in my styleee! So here is how it went....

To start - turn down a piece of stainless steel and thread the part M6x1... Then drill through the centre with a 3mm drill bit.

Then thread a chunk of 14mm brass bar bout 18mm long and face to fit the steel part. ( I want a collar on this to blend into the steel.... Hence the extra length)

Then get yer ball turner out!!!!  ;D

Then use the ball turner for concave cuts....

Screw your stainless in to an arbour and cut what ever pattern comes into your head (alter the size of the concave cuts and make small convex cuts as you like. There is no preset plan to art!!  :P  ;) )

N.B. Arbours are made as required and never scraped/used elsewhere.... They are always useful. I have many of them set to male one end and female thread of the same size on the other end... This makes it easy to hold all sorts of work pieces.

A little brass polish on a rag and Bob's your dad (well he is in my case!)

The spiral pattern was left on as stlyling... It just as easily could have all been smooth like the lower part by the ball... But I liked it this way  ;D

The idea... push the string end through the steel and tie a knot in it, screw the ball on and the string is hidden and you have a fancy light pull!

Well she and he liked it  :thumbup:

( yer I know the photo's are out of date and time order a little... So shoot me!! Not really, just live with it!!)

A little something for those of you who have made or are making a ball turner.... Cheer the Wife/girlfriend up at Xmas? Help her re-assess your workshops use!!?  ;D

Well I think it better than those crappy plastic ones!!  :P


Jeeeees Ralph now I've got to change all the wall switches to pull switches.  :bugeye:

Nice job as always. :thumbup:


Divided he ad:
Wall Switches!!! We're not allowed those in case we electrificate our selves  :bugeye:   :o !!!

Good luck!

and thank you  ;D



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