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Creative Welded Sculpture
« on: December 17, 2010, 06:48:44 AM »
Creative Welded Sculpture
by Nathan Cabot Hale
Copyright ©1968 Waston-Guptill Publications
New revised edition copyright©1994
Dover publications Trade paperback
library shelf# 731.4'1

* Basic tools of welded sculpture
* Basic welding technique
* Constructing abstract shapes
* constructing organic shapes
* Modeling solid figures
* Finishing the sculpture
* Welding steel sculpture with the electric arc
* Welding large scale commissioned works
* Some notes on the economics of fine arts
* Gallery of sculpture-welders

Again originally done back in the day when they did include more than the author and friends works in a book. He shows you how to do the very things he is talking about. What a novel idea! It does have a lot of B&W photos of works and processes of the construction along with line drawings. He covers a lot of things that are generally left for another book from the publishers for you to buy. He has some stuff for the hammer and tong set in the relationship of constructing a piece and using all available techniques that will do the job.

This is another one that will further the education of somebody just starting out, or been whacking at it for a while. If nothing else used they are a lower dollar book. And a good read. Around here they turn up at the library books sales.
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