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Geode lamp (old project)


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This is a lamp base i made after finding a geode in a little shop with a 1 3/8" bore in it for a lamp, it had a crack in it so was going for a tenner (without the lamp base)

I used it to make a cristmas present for my Mum..... I just left it till the 23rd dec to find the wood for the stand!!!

Still made it all in one evening, no problem!!  (I took some extra pics tonight for the post  ;) )

The Geode.

Then the wooded base, start to finish.

The two little puncture marks in the bottom of the base are from the screws used to hold a rectangular block of wood onto the bottom so that the whole base could be held in the mill vise... Worked really well, no vibration at all.

All the sanding was done by hand.... Good way to work up a sweat in the cold winter workshop!

The light.

Power input. I used an old phone charger, supposed to be 3.7V Turned out to be 12+ V !!! Resistor used to keep the power down. (LED's can be run on much lower voltages than stated as forward voltage and still give off a very bright light.)

The finished unit.

And in the dim light...

Well that's it for this oldie.... On to the next  ;D


Pretty neat. This is definitely light art. But I am sure it weighs more than 3oz tho...  :clap:

I like that a lot. Best gifts are handmade!


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Weighs about a STONE!!!!!   :thumbup:  :bugeye:

Wow that was a terrible pun!!!!  But I like it!!  ;D

I love being talented enough to produce reasonable gifts  ;)

Still waiting to find out what your light art is going to be.... But with all these flash new looks to the forum I can see why it is not on here yet   :clap:  ;D


Ralph, you are one talented person. Seems like you can crank out lots of nice stuff.

I bet your Mum was please with that gift. I know mine would.


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Well we are all talented Bernd... We just have different visions and  opportunities   ;)

My Mum seems to like it... Well it's been on display for a year anyway!!!  ;D

I don't think I can get another geode at that price.... Let alone pay the postage on something this heavy... So your Mum will have to hope you make her one Bernd  :thumbup:



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