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Sculpture with a Torch
« on: December 15, 2010, 10:45:54 AM »
Sculpture with a Torch
Minnesota Archive editions
John Rood
University of Minnesota Press
ISBN 978-0816604913
Trade paper back, 108 pages B&W photos nicely done for being reproductions electronically
This edition is a print on demand,from Amazon books

This is a great idea by the U of Minnesota press, of making their previously published and out of print titles back to life with out a lot of copies sitting around in storage waiting to be sold.   Being a confirmed “Bookie” This a much better deal than e books, which always reminds me of the old song money for nothing. As you only get electronic image of the book that can disappear in a power surge.  Besides this type of subject matter isn't available on the yet.  Enough of the opining!

This was done at the time the expansion of metalwork tools and equipment, for use in the sculpture arts was in full bloom. He was one who embraced the equipment and medium of the additive and constructive sculpture.   This was a time that gas welding in the form of Oxygen/Acetylene technique was still something that was done at the factory or down at the garage!

He covers it as a technique for the construction of small sketches/models of large architectural pieces or stand alone smaller ones. To adding surface treatments and textures, accents to the work.

The equipment of the time, and has a novel replacement for the flint striker which he dislikes.  A candle stub in a tin can for a constant  source of flame for lighting the torch. 
Gives an overview of welding and brazing with the torch, and some basic instructions.  It is by no means an instructional book on welding, but one on the effective and creative use of an industrial process.

He then shows a step-by-step of a small scale steel welded sculpture, He covers steel, aluminum, and bronzes along with using a steel armature and covering it in brazing rod for the bronze cast look.  He does mention a very brief explanation of arc welding and it uses.  He also touches on finishing and gives a couple of generic formulas for patinas for the bronze/brass work
He then gives an account on how he did a large scale wall hanging piece at the Wisconsin State College, at River Falls called the Falcon.  It is done with photo's of both the front side and the back side, plus the installation.

A chapter on using this technique for making sketches of large works to sell them, Plus the added benefit of having model of your finished work, that is if you can get it back from them!

Mr. Rood was a prolific sculptor, in the chapter called Some Possibilities, he displays a wide variety of his work.  He then finishes up the book with a chapter of others recent welded sculpture. Again a wide variety of styles and work. It finishes with some General Safety Rules, Bibliography, Index.

The black and white photo's have been cleaned up and adjusted before  reprinting, something that is  often forgotten in the reprint world.*
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