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So my neighbor is a huge horror/Halloween buff. He is actually a known individual in the horror circle... can't tell you who he is though. Anyway, He throws a Halloween party every year that is without a doubt one of the best parties I have ever been to. This year he is going with a Mad Scientist theme and has asked me to do some prop work for him. With time being short, I wasn't able to go all out... But I did get some things made for him. I built him a mad scientist themed lap (see the steampunk lamps in the gallery) and a chemical workstation.

I didn't take any pictures during the build as time was short. But here is the finished product: At first it doesn't look like much, make sure you check the video at the bottom of this post.

What is hard to see in the pictures is this. The end containers actually have a air hose attached to the base and are bubbling. The one with the fake Bunsen Burner has an LED in it to look like it is burning gas. The center vial is sitting above a black light hidden in the base causing it to glow.

It is a lot clearer in the video.


Divided he ad:
Well Eric you do seem to be varied in your talents.... Ever thought of movie stuff??

And just a concerned question, Have you thought of coming off that diet? :bugeye:
 I think you look slightly emaciated!!! Your coat is filthy too... Surly you could wash it once in a while??

I think halloween is done to a much higher standard over there than it is here... We have crappy little parties where no one does anything untill at least 5 beers and a couple of shots have been necked.... Then all hell breaks loose untill everyone is asleep or talikng about the state of something or someone!!! Well that's how the sober guy sees it anyway!!   :-\

Hope you had a good one?



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