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Another post in the Gallery section reminded me of this little circuit I R&Ded (R&D actually stands for Rip-Off and Duplicate) a few years ago.

All credit for this information goes to Jim Weir, Master "Avionicer" at KitPlanes Magazine. 

For a full list of his articles and the information needed to duplicate the circuit artwork go here first.  You may even find something else you deem as useful project.

LED Driver Article #1 Sept. 2000  Simple LED hookup for annunciator lamps (idiot lights).  Pretty simple actually but a good read to bring you up to speed on LEDs and why they can be a better alternative to incandescent bulbs.

LED Driver Article #2    October 2000  A pulsing circuit for running LEDs at a higher output, also allows for adjustable dimming.  I have built this circuit a few times to drive "post lights" (instrument lighting).  I just followed Jim's article and when done soldering, every thing worked as advertised.

Very cool Rog. Again this links will be very useful in the next month or so. Thanks!


Powder Keg:
Hey Roger,

I'll have to sift through this stuff. I'm building some Running/brake/turn signals to my sidecar project. I am going to use Led's. And I know absolutley nothing about them :bang: Never been schooled in the ways of the electron :zap:

I'll start a new post if I run into problems.



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