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Welcome to the MadModder.

This is a place for those who like to build, craft or modify anything (and everything!) can gather and discuss. I want this to be a place that fosters ideas and learning... plus a good place to show off your talents and skills.

A few rules to live by on this board:

1. Flaming. Yes we all have different opinions. They can be said without abusing anybody else.
2. Respect. See above. "search the board dumbass" is not an appropriate response to a question.
3. Absolutely no porn. I am sick of sites where people post porn in the OT section. This is a family and work friendly site.
4. Stay on topic. We have a wide range of topics here. So that is fairly open game. Politics and religion are never topics. EVER. That just incites too many fights on message boards.
5. Nothing obscene - if you won't view it in front of your wife, family, boss or co-workers... don't post it.

We reserve the right to edit or delete posts as we see fit in order to keep the family friendly atmosphere of this site. Remember that although this is a public forum, it is privately owned. We don't like to censor... don't make us do it.

So if you can do the above... stick around!

Feel free to tell others about us!


We are instituting a 3 strike policy. If you violate the rules, the following will happen:

1st offense - Warning
2nd offense - 7 day ban (within 60 days of the warning)
3rd offense - Perm ban

However, a rule breaker can go straight to being permanently banned without a warning (or 7 day ban). Everything will be considered... past behavior etc. Also note, a member can appeal the ban.

Please remember, respect other people. Talk to them as you would like to be talked to... better yet, talk to them as you would like your wife/husband/daughter or son to be talked to.



Reminder: No political discussions, inferences, comments, et al. Thank you!


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