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Lead hammer - for helping things find their place!!


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Warning   Molten metal is extreamly dangerous DO NOT attempt this if you are at all in doubt. Or if you are under 18 (18 is for the UK... Other age restrictions for minors may apply in other countries)
Basically don't play with this stuff. It could kill.

Well now on with the show.....!!

This is not a new idea, it was shown to me by Boggie (some may have heard of the legend of Boggie, some may not?)

Anyway this is a little bit of tooling that is most useful in helping workpieces find their home on the tops of your parrallels or giving that extra nudge to a stuck item!

First the Crap o cad rendering.... (Crap o cad is a registered trade mark of Boggo industries and cannot be copied without a pen, paper and a scanner!!)

The tube is used because it gives the molten lead somewhere to go to help the head stay on the handle. The cross drilling is used to further 'pin' the head to the handle. The brass slug/bung is a very important part, it stops molten lead pouring out of the end of the tube and over your bench and or you!!   (this stuff will remove skin through clothing!)

The tin can does not have to be a bean can... soup ones work too!!
The blow torch is used to melt roofing lead strips in the can, held in the vise grips and all done out doors....

WARNING...  The fumes are not good for you in any way.

The mould is held in a bench vise and the tube inserted into the hole in the side (tight fit) and is kept horizontal.

The molten lead is then poured into the mould and left to cool... The mould becomes very,very hot. The lead sets very quickly but remains very hot for a long time.

The the pics of the items used .... Note the pouring lip bent into the can.

The breakdown of the casting mould...

And the hammer next to the mould

The idea is not to whack the hell out of the workpiece but to tap it gently and let the weight and density of the hammer head do the seating for you.... It seems to have worked well for many years anyway ;D

I hope the warnings haven't scared anyone off the job, it is just you do have to be very carefull with this stuff.

I made two hammers last night and haven't used one yet... The first one works well ;D


Nice Ralph. And you didn't burn the place down.  :clap:


Divided he ad:
I didn't even burn myself Bernd!!!  :thumbup:

Took a lot of care with this stuff, I've had many burns in the past, but molten metal... I don't think I want burns from that?! :o



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