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Machinerys handbooks well recommended


Hi chaps,

Unfortunately I've sold the book but if you can check ebay you can find some great Machinery handbooks I was recommended one when I use to work in a drawing office, the older versions can be had very cheaply on ebay, you should also check their website some of the engineering books are very informative and specialised.

Recommended link:-

Hmm... Well what can you say about this book, pretty much a lifetimes worth of valuable information in this one. If I had to have one book above all others it would most likely be this one. If you have a problem or question start here, it will answer the question or get you close. 10 out of 10...

The Machinery's Handbook should be within reach at all times, but it probably contains more information than most of us will ever use. Another more condensed source of info to consider is the Machinists' Ready Reference, published by Prakken. It's a smaller spiral bound book that is easier to use for the basic stuff.



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