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Coax indicator design

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This  coaxial indicator design is one I've been working on for a while. The images shown do not include fixings or screwed joints.

 Before I commit it to metal, anyone have any comments on the ball angle changer ?

Hi And welcome Bill .

Great idea/design  :dremel:   ,,sure will take up allot less room with the DTI mounted that way ,,,,,,,,,,,, :med:

Rob  :D

Thanks for the welcome Rob :)

--- Quote ---less room with the DTI mounted that way
--- End quote ---
That's the whole reason for making it. My little Haighton hasn't much room below the vertical head. I wouldn't be able to get a Blake type in there.

However, I can't take credit for the idea, it was inspired by this clever design by PM member Wes43:

judging by the pin to the top/left of the DTI, it uses a lever to turn the movement 90 degrees.



I use one of the normal ones, and one of it's major faults is the length. In fact, I have made shorter probes to allow me to use it with my RT with the chuck fitted.

I suppose the angled design actually shortens it by over one inch, which has to be good.


Hi Bill

Great idea all the same ,,, thanks for showing  :thumbup:  ,,,,,,,,,, must add it to the list  :proj: .

Impressed with your cad drawings  :bow: :bow:   ,, will you be producing some drawings  :poke: :poke:



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