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Lithopane practice cut.


I cut this on my CNC router today as a practice cut for a lithopane I will be making. The cut is reversed so the darker areas are thicker so when backlight (cut in corian) it will be darker.  This is the second test cut and I think I am almost ready to cut the corian.
Subject is my Grandaughter.

That's pretty cool! Can't wait to see the finished version.


That is cool I cant wait to see the finished item

That was cut with a 30 degree V bit. I ordered a 1/8th ball and .042 ball cutters yesterday. Once I get them I will do one more practice cut then the final in corian plastic (have to order that too). The ball cutters will be used for all the lithopanes and wood carvings in the future. I'll post pictures when I get the lithopane done.


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