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look what i found....

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Divided he ad:
This looks like it will aid me greatly in the comming months/years.....   :thumbup:

I use the hand held circular saw version at work and that cuts through 1" steel box section like it's not even there!!!

It will fit into my tiny workshop somewhere.... just got to make some room!!!  :hammer:


Divided he ad:
It works!!!! Boy does it work......

All cut in less than 5 mins and all cut straight!!!  ;D  ;D  ;D  ;D 

Steel tube 13mm, bronze 18mm, brass 10mm mild steel 11mm and.... Stainless steel 14mm!!! No problem.... like the proverbial hot knife....   ;)  Well worth the 90:00 outlay     ;D


Well lucky you that looks great, but it must be a UK thing as the US stores don't even have a page for the saw and other items that are there!. Just food and some clothes and some furniture, go figure. It doesn't say what the dia of the blade and what is the cut through thickness. And can you get replacement blades,or get them sharpened. But if Aldi, has em won't be long before Harbor Fright and the Home Despot has em too!
Thanks for the heads up. :thumbup:

   I have couple three bandsaws that always manage to do the work I want to do but I'd like to try a saw like that one....I also have a Milwaukee abrasive cutoff saw that is worthless for my work except I do keep and use it for the rare times that I have to cutoff a piece of hardened steel.....Which raises the question---- that saw there, can you put an abrasive wheel on it to cutoff piece of hard steel? How does the blade mount ,has a  round arbor hole or some propriatary square or star shaped hole? ...or maybe it spins too slowly I dunno is why I am asking.....Tell us more..

Here's a link from Sir John on the other board!,list,x,13,3525,FURY2,x,x,x/Evolution%20Fury%202/Fury%202%20Saw/FURY2%2014%26quot%3B%20Multi-Purpose%20Chop%20Saw/
They also have a number of blades styles with it from $62.00 to $160.00 or so.


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