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AXA tool holder Modifications
« on: October 10, 2010, 05:04:23 PM »
As a favor to one of my boiler customers, I have in the past done a few small machining jobs for them. I talked them into using a couple of Aloris QCTP, to hold slitting knives on one of their paper rolling machines. They use slitting knives from an Europe supplier, the 2 sizes they use have 16mm and 19mm square shanks. As the AXA size tool holders are maxed at a little over 1/2", I open up the holders to 19mm. In the past I done about 30+ of these, my latest request for and additional 16 holders. Since I did the first one they have change the rest of the machines to the QCTP system, I made a jig, that allows for the knife to be set at the required stick out, either when the knife is resharpened or replaced. They have about 300 knives of different configurations and sizes that fit into the holders. I cut the blocks with a 1/2" carbide end mill, in the Franken-Mill. the blocks are the super cheap Chinese #250-101 holders sourced from CDCO, for $8/ea.

1 - being machined
2 - opened up
3 - 2 done only 14 more to go