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Bowfishing equipment build

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Powder Keg:
Like normal, I have several projects going at once. We have been getting into Bowfishing here lately. I have a new Bow that I need to set up with a reel and a rest. The reel will be here later this week(fingers crossed) So I've been machining like a madman out in my shop. :proj: I made the nut and reel seat the last couple of evenings. I really like how the nut turned out!!!

I'll make the retaining ring thingies next.

Very nice work Wes. Looks slick!


Wes, very cool.  I love work like that.  It just screams "custom made" versus "mass produced." 



Powder Keg:
I'm getting closer. I managed to get the retaining sleeves machined. I had to make a spacer to move the reel forward. I'll start on the rods tomorrow.

Thanks for the compliments :mmr:


That`s beautiful!  :thumbup:

David D


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