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THIS looks interesting. Next issue of Make Magazine they will have plans for a backyard compressed air rocket. There is links to videos of it in action. Can't wait for my issue of make to come in.


Can't tell but it looks like it is using a PVC tube as the air tank. Somewhere I had heard that PVC doesn't make the best compressed air tank. With time it will deteriorate and may explode in shards (is that true?). Hmmmm... may do it with a steel tank instead. Will have to wait til the issue gets here.


Got mine, the other day and yes it is what it looks like and NO it isn't safe. They suggest using only a hand pumper bike pump, and duct taping the pvc components to hold the shrapnel down. ???
Here are the statements

They also have a another caution on the parts page.

I've built several spud guns using plastic. Worked great using all sorts of different propellents. Hair spray worked the best. Never got around to trying oxy/acetelyne though. Tried hydrogen once. Put a potatoe right through a Tupper Ware plastic container.  :o  ;D

Also built an air powered one. They are much cleaner. No propellent residue left. The air powered one used a sprinkler valve just like was shown in the vid.

As was cautioned, plastic pipe can explode. I wouldn't use it in the colder climbs of the northern states in winter. Plastic gets brittle with cold.

I started to build an air powered one out of a piece of 2" dia. copper pipe. Below are some pics of it. Looks like I'll need to finish it now.

This first pic shows the parts. 2" dia copper pipe, connector from 2" to 1/2" pipe, end cap and the 1/2" pipe with a spider to hold the pipe in the center of the 2" pipe.

This one shows the 1/2" pipe with the spider inserted into the 2" pipe.

This one shows the pipe located inside the 2" pipe lamost were it will be solderd in.

And here it is all assembled with a six inch ruler standing next to it.

BTW the copper tubing is type "L" which is a very heavy walled tube.

Now I suppose I need to finish this thing since I've talked about it, right ?  ???  :-\ 8)


Divided he ad:
Bernd.... I know I have haranged you into making the 'BT' but, I really like the idea of this and want to know more.... I should be good at some of this ballistics stuff, but it is highly illegal over here so we are not allowed to make them..... well it is not advisable to get caught if you do.... Jail time!!  ;)

That said bout the only thing I use now is a Daisy 15 from 1960.... Fun plinker! .177

Oh and my laser sighted 6lbft .22 pistol  ;D  (modified.... suppose I could post a few pics of that? !)

The other 2 rifles I have are too powerful (but not very, the legal here is 12lbft!!!) to use with out a field around, and the law prohibits use within 200yrds of a public right of way.... This is where it gets tricky in a little country like ours!!  :(

Anyway, basic gist is.... Yep, you got to finish it  ;D



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