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Spent the holiday weekend at my in-laws lake house. Their neighbor had a neat toy... a dual battery cigarette style RC boat. Man, that thing could get up and move. It got me to thinking tho... how cool would it be to build a custom one with a CF body?

So that set the gears in motion for a winter/spring build. I think after I complete the CNC router, I may just have to design a foam plug to be cut on it. use the foam plug to make a mold and from that, a CF boat. i would really use it for anything but to terrorize the fish and turtles in the lake. Now the key question is this... gas or electric? I may not be able to use gas because of the regulations on the lake. But if I were to do electric... how do I make it fast?



--- Quote from: Brass_Machine on September 02, 2008, 02:55:44 PM ---But if I were to do electric... how do I make it fast?


--- End quote ---

Start by looking at Tower Hobbies web site or check out a few of the forums. Here's one that may give you some ideas on electrc.

It's a direct link to their electric powerd boat threads. May fine some useful info plus links to other hobby catalog sites.



For the last forty years, model boats was a passion of mine, from high speed i/c engined monsters to true scale and steam boats.

For one of the best model boat sites, you have to try here.


Thanks for the link John!

This one has been put on the back burner for a few months. At least I have the time now to design it.


I have to second john's recommendation on the forum great place. they have water cooled electric motors for the go fast crowd,and all many of things. Great stuff another US based, one They have separate go fast forums for electrics.


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