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These are a few of the more than 25 telescopes I've built in the past 9 years.  Telescopes are generally of 2 major types, refractors, which uses lenses, and reflectors which use curved mirrors. 

This is a small, 60mm refractor

A somewhat bigger, 80mm refractor.  The focuser and rings on this one were purchased.  I only made the tube.

This is a 100mm refractor. 

This is a 6" (150mm) reflector I built on commission.

Here is an 8" reflector, also built on commision.

Another 6".  This is a combination reflector that's called a Maksutov Newtonian.  Uses both a mirror and a lens:

Another Maksutov Newtonian.  This one is a 7" model and this is one my keepers.  Optics alone cost $1,000.

This is a 12.5" reflector that collapses for easier transport

Here is a 10" reflector, also collapses for easier transport

And a 12.5" reflector, also collapses

That's probably enough for now  ;D


Tres cool!

Love the wooden scopes. One day I will build one. I always wanted to build a scope... then I saw your wood ones and knew I would have to.


Divided he ad:
Quite simply WOW   :o  :o  :o They are fantastic. The 100mm refractor with the cresent moon detail is extreamly good looking.

The old school looking reflectors are most desirable also your Maksutov Newtonian 'keeper' is also very very good looking, I have to say I'd have found it hard to part with any of them!

I hope you post some build pic's on them in the future  :)


Powder Keg:
Trully works of art Chuck! Thanks for sharing:o)



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