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My mind is a glow.....

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Divided he ad:
My mind is a glow, with whirling transient nodes of thought, careening through a cosmic vapour of invention.....

Well I've been drawing out ideas on paper all evening anyway   :thumbup:

Basically I'm telling you that I will have a couple of project logs to possibly start soon..... no fantastic promises but I'll do my best over the winter months to get some interesting stuff made ;D

Hey there's always a chance no one will want to read or even appreciate my works... but then some of you just might find some of it interesting..... assuming the major machining mod' works I'll be a happy puppy  ;)

It is only a theory at the mo... it might not work at all!!.... But then you'll all see many hour of completely wasted time!!!   :scratch:

Will see what I can make soon enough!  ;D


Very cool! Keep us up to date. As far as drawing on paper, have you considered using a 3D cad program? There is one that I use that has a free version. The free version is pretty powerful considering that it is free. On the plus side, I also use it so the collaboration efforts will be worth it.



Divided he ad:
Holy #@*$ !!! Think I can learn to use something like that and make stuff too?? 

I'll have a look at it Eric but I might end up on crap o cad for the mo'!

Work now  :(  plans etc later   ;D


Yeah I think you can learn it. It is very easy. Check yer PMs

I can hardly wait Ralph.  :D After seeing what you built on HMEM -  :o -and all the bling you added to your projects I'd say it won't be a waste at all.  ;D



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