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Since in my country no kind of firearm is legal (except for 12 gauge shotguns), and considering my perverted love of all kinds of them (not as a way to maim or kill either humans or animals but as a beautyfull machine) I have turned all my affection to models.
Several models fire the 2mm pinfire cap.
I honestly envy you Americans for being free to buy arms.
A picture of one model follows (and please don't tell me that the old quarter is almost pure silver and I should not melt it down).


Hi George

 :bugeye: :bugeye: :bugeye:  wow that small ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,very nice workmanship  :bow: :bow: :bow:  

do you work from plans ?

What  type of bluing is that ?

Cheers rob

Hi Rob,

the blueing is an ordinary gun blue liquid (something 44 if memory serves me right, which I doubt).
Trouble is that with new airport regs I can't buy those tiny 2mm pinfire caps, if still available.
No plans but after buying some 200 books on firearms I have learned their innards by heart...

Thanks for your kind words,


Dean W:
Very nicely done, George.  It's a beauty.
How many hours do you figure you have in the work?


Great looking piece, George here is the craftsmen of the year for Sherline He is from Paris Here are some links. And here are some photos of the miniature arms that have been at our Show over the last couple of years. Also some in the photo's I posted of the NAMES SHOW
Michel Lefaivre
Also look for Kucer, David in the list of craftsmen here List of craftsmen links

Miniature Arms Society web site


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