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1977Kawasaki KZ650


Powder Keg:
Here is my 1977 Kawasaki KZ650. I ride it every day:o) It looks a little different now. I am installing an old Vetter Fairing. I'll get pictures of that soon.

I made the ignition cover, Cast the clutch/brake levers, Rebuilt the vintage Shoie saddlebags, added the 59 Cadillac taillights and cat eye brake light, Made the chin scoop out of Fiberglass, Painted it myself, Reshaped the seat, And many other things:o) This was my first paint job. I plan on repainting it again this year. More gold this time:o)

Here was a fun ride we went on. This was when it was GREEN!

Hope you enjoy, Wes

Powder Keg:
Here is a picture that I like. It shows the ignition cover that I built. It has a Dyna electronic unit now:o) Also new Dyna coils. The nifty crash bars I scored on Ebay:o)


Love the clear cover. It is like some of the clutch covers I have seen. great Idea! I think I will try that on my XS400.



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