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Divided he ad:
Good stuff Glen :clap:

I've got 6 black and white ones, 4 on the walls and 2 wondering what wall space they could occupy!

Two are of NYC, got them from a Brit' street painting somewhere near the queue for the Liberty island boat trips (never went on that one... queue was huge  :bugeye:)

I love the way these are painted...He used a couple of paint/wallpaper scrapers with hacksaw cuts in the blade face to help make the skyscrapers, all from inside the head of the artist no pictures to reference  :thumbup:

This one was painted at my request. Black and white portrait view. (like one he had done in colour) I got a video of him painting it but the quality is very poor!

And this one he gave me for free as it was one he had in a little rack of pre-painted ones behind him..... He said I had odd tastes  :lol:

Fun bringing back A3 sized posters from abroad when you travelled with only canvas suit carrier! (quality one mind  :thumbup: )

I'm quite happy to part with some of my hard earned for these  :)


 :thumbup: :thumbup: Great looking paintings,

As I have been told numerous times "there is no accounting for taste".

And my response has always been "well you aren't paying for it, and you don't have to look at it or borrow it"(brand of tools)

Or the "The only taste you have is in your mouth".
 And "I say at least I have some taste! And I did have to lick my A$$ to get it."  :bugeye: :clap: :beer:


--- Quote ---Being a sign painter mostly canvas banners and things for the show world, clowns, magic, circus etc.
--- End quote ---

As a matter of interest, what type of paint would you use to paint a banner on PVC?

Looking to do some company signage on the PVC canopy on my ute.  90% of the time it stays on the vehicle with minimal flexing.  Occasionally tho want to take it off and put it aside.  Of course that involves some bending, folding of the material.

Thought about magnetic signs, but have been turned off that one after I made some enquiries.

I have split this thread off in case there are anymore questions.
Jatt here is your answer

Thanks for that.  Appreciate the time you spent creating that new thread.


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