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Half Scale:
OK Bernd, as you requested, here are the pictures.

These are 1/2 scale fully functional .22 cal., SEMI-AUTO models of the M2, 1917 Water Cooled, and 1919 Air Cooled Browning Machine Guns.

Now, before anyone asks, they are fully legal semi-auto guns that conforn to ALL BATF regs includeing barrel length and OAL. They are made using a Ruger 10/22 rifle as a donor gun for the reciever (highly modified) and barrel, this gives a transferrable ser #. The guns retain the rotary mag feed system of the 10/22. The belts and links are shown for the asthetic effect.

All parts (except the receiver and barrel) are scratch built and function just as the original. Tripods fold, T&E's traverse and elevate, sights fold, etc. All guns are build utilizing CCS Prints plans.

I also build the 1/2 scale ammo cans (both metal and wood), steam chest (for the 1917), and transit cases.

That is some beautiful work there Cecil. Any chance of a video of you shooting them?  :poke:

I've got the Gatlin Gun plans from both parties here in US. One of these days I hope to start on them. Nothing more I'd like to do than aggravate a few ground rodents with quick action shooting. Probably scare the neighbors with that sound.

Again nice work and thanks for posting them. I'm sure you'll get a few more comments from other members.  :D


Very nice work on the giant diet Pepsi can! It makes the guns look like...half size or something.  :lol:

Please add my compliments to your artistry and engineering excellence. I know that the spirit of John Browning is coursing through your veins.

Bravo and thanks for showing.

Dean W:
Beautiful, impressive work.  They all look great, with the 1917 really standing out.
I'll bet they're a lot of fun, too.



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