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A wise man once said that the secret to success is "Find a need and fill it". I found a need and am doing my best to fill it. The Czech gunmaker CZ produces a stainless steel pistol but the magazines for them are blued steel. It occurred to me that by replacing the bottom plate with one made from stainless would add the finishing touch. That is how I got started making the part discussed in the "How Do I" forum.

I make these base plates in a variety finishes. Polished, matte, brushed and jeweled. I believe I am within Eric's guide lines so I am posting a few pictures. If the pictures or the thread is out of line feel free to delete them.

The pistol with the stainless base plates and just the magazines.

The original and my replacement base plate top and bottom.

Without advertising I can sell all that I can make so they help pay for my toys.


Very Nice, if they hadn't banned handguns here in the UK that's probably what I'd be fiddling/modding with and I used to really enjoy shooting. At one time I was putting up to 400 rounds a week through my Glock 17. A timed tactical event that I really enjoyed. The other one I liked was skittles at 100yds with a 357 magnum. Boy that thing was accurate.

Your pictures look really nice  :thumbup:

I'm not sure what Erics line is on this subject? I know one member really made waves over such posts, but he's gone now.

I see it now.

Maybe if milling  still gives you trouble try milling out a die then harden it then you could in essence clamp the thin plate under the die then peel the edges over with a spade tool then tap into shape, any hammer marks could be taken out with grit polishing compound then buffed up nice and shiny.

Also I have been considering gunsmithing as a retirement source of income, lord knows I have the equipment. I so enjoy what little work I do on my own guns, I find it very pleasurable work indeed.

Darren itís been 20 years since I left England any chance of explaining to me the ban on weapons in England and what limitations that have put on you people over there. I find it a shame they have done this. If need be start another thread on the balistic forum as I know a lot of Americans would love to know what restrictions you have over there.

All the best          Anthony.


In particular, the "Political_impact" section.

It does make me wonder about the London 2012 Olympics, though.  Are all the handgun shooting competitors going to be breaking the law?


I think I have solved my tool problem. For a 20% premium Moon Cutters are making a cobalt cutter in the exact face width I need. They will ship in two days or less. That is what I call service.



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