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Recipes for Surfaces
Decorative paint finishes made simple
Mindy Drucker & Pierre Finkelstein
Fireside, Simon & Schuster
Copyright 1993
ISBN 0-671-68249-0
Trade paperback

This is a more complete course of decorative finishes, then the other three books, I have reviewed recently.   It is divided into two sections, the first being general information of color.

 Which when doing decorative finishing can make or break the effect you are trying to achieve.  Might be more than some want to know. Chapter 1

Paints and the Tools, which is also good for patinas and paint effects for bases, stands, pillar displays or background walls.  Or for that special wall in the house to kick your work out as the center of attention.  Chapter 2

As with any finishing procedure, the preparation of paint.  Chapter 3   

Part II are the recipes for the paint and processes for the 40 effects the book covers.  Starting with the mixing of the paints and glazes. Chapter 4

Chapter 5  Sponging, single to multiple colors
Chapter 6  Cloth Distressing, the effects that can be achieved with a rolled up rag or cheesecloth.
Chapter 7  Stippling, from one color to three and fade-away.
Chapter 8  Color Washing, sponge and brush to fade-away.
Chapter 9  Spattering, spatter on, spatter off, spattering over sponging in five colors and a stone-block effect.
Chapter 10  Dragging, with steel wool, a hard bristle brush and combing effects.
Chapter 11  Stenciling, making your own and work with them.
Chapter 12  Marbling, assorted colors, application on a column and doing a floor.
Chapter 13  Wood graining, Pine, Oak, Mahogany and Burl.

And finishes up with Bibliography, Sources(US) and index.  In the assorted topics they have boxes with the recipe of how difficult it is number of paint cans one can is easy, etc.
To the supplies and tools along with the paint needed and if you will require help or a second person.

Whether it is for a plinth, column or stand to display your work on.  Or a decorative effect for home or display room at the studio.  This book has you covered. It was still on sale a year ago at the big box home stores in the book section up front.*
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