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Tufnol, reaming thereof

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Bernd, KK

Played with the stuff today, I think you're right. My reamers are maybe not 'as new' sharp, although they perform OK on metal. But it bores fine, so, as far as I'm concerned, that's it. Job over.  :thumbup:

I've got some other S.R.B.F. which is dark brown, I think it is 'Kite', the electrical grade. 1" round. This reams fine. So, maybe the grief only occurs on the 'Whale' Grade.

Dave BC

Did I read somewhere to use water as a lubricant?

Krown Kustoms:
Water will work on some plastics but your lathe will hate you for it.
I use WD-40 as an all around lube on plastic except the real hard stuff and then you dont need any.
Remember....slow speed and light cuts.

Water is a lubricant for some things.

IIRC I saw somewhere that ship's tailshaft bearings are/were Lignum Vitae luricated by the sea water. Presumably on the grounds that, while it was possible to forget the oil, it was unlikely to boil away the entire ocean. Dunno?

With my garage made from concrete panels, and a cold, wet British winter, I'm not to sure about any more water/condensation being needed.  ::)

Last night had a chat with Bogs on Skype, and we came to the conclusion that the most likely cause is that the reamers are blunt-ish.

So, I think that's probably where to leave it.

Thanks for the interest ...

Now off to the shop to continue my eternal quest for other things I'm not very good at ....   :scratch:

Dave BC


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