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I would like to get more members for the site so we can keep this place alive. Any suggestions for a membership drive?



--- Quote from: Brass_Machine on August 14, 2008, 10:14:22 PM ---I would like to get more members for the site so we can keep this place alive. Any suggestions for a membership drive?


--- End quote ---

It sure would be nice to increase the membership.

I read this earlier and wanted to let it sink in to see if I had any ideas. I'm on the rec.crafts.metalworking news group. That would be one place for an ad or welcome invitation. Russ Kepler runs a metal working group he hosts called "Model Engineering" and is basically geared toward stuff like HMEM but allows talk about gas engines and other model building related subjects. Occasionally it gets pretty boring when a subject gets beat to death. Other than individual members going around to different forums and hanging electronic welcome signs to come over here I really don't have any good ideas.

It seems to me that guys like us that have a variety of different interests must be unique. I'm into mechanical things. I can appreciate a love of a motor cycle and it's mechanical workings but that's as far as it goes. I'd like to build one of those 3 wheeled trikes that is/was talked about on HMEM. Motorize it and use it for basic transportation around my home town to save on gas. Here's the problem. Even though I'm retired there isn't enough time for me to do that and finish building the house. I'd also like to build a live steam engine and lay track around my six acres. I'd also like to finish some of the projects I've got going that I've mentioned at my web site. Now here's were the problem lies, time and money. I also have a bit of a health problem that doesn't allow me to work a full 8 to 10 hours a day. I'm lucky if I can get in 6 hours on a good day. I just get to fatigued so I sit and dream of things I'd like to build. Also documenting something that you are building is time consuming and I'm sure some people just don't want to take the time to put something up on the web for others to read about. Ok I'm starting to ramble here.

I'm very surprised at how fast HMEM grew. Even though it's a narrow subject the membership seemed to explode. But I did notice, like anything new, it has it's newbie's all excited that they have found a new place. I took a look at the membership list one night just to see how many individuals actually wrote any messages. From what I saw there are a few very active members. They are quite easy to spot. A good example of a member there is Ranger. When he first came on he was gung-ho with all his questions and answers. As you can see that has dwindled off. Another good example is Oldmech, he was quite prolific when first posting and has now dwindles off. I think it's just that HMEM was something new to a majority of people. I do have to say I like the place very much and hope it continues. I also like this place and thought it would take off like a wildfire, but I guess there just aren't enough of us unique individuals out there or maybe there are to many places like this out there. After all there are many metal working forums out there.

I guess I better stop rambling here but that's about how I would sum it up. I do like the place but really can't contribute much because I don't think I'm moving fast enough to actually post anything worth while right now. I know it isn't cheap to run a web site and I'm sure this isn't cheap either.

I'll be a faithful member until the end if it doesn't work out.

Wish you luck and I'll try and help any way I can.


I'm going to add a link from my "Misc. Page" on my web site that has all the non-model projects to this sight. I came up with that idea after I wrote the previous message. It'll be a couple of days before I get to that though.


Divided he ad:
Hi, as Eric knows I have tried a test by directing people from my youtube videos. It may not work but it just might help a few new members find their way here.
All we can do is put the opportunity out there and wait to see if the invites pay off!

I for one would like to see this site take off, already I have seen many things that have me impressed, also things I would think I could build... Maybe what we need are a few build logs rather than a few 'here's one I made earlier' type posts!
It seems to have worked elsewhere..... I think that some of the hi membership numbers are because of the builds people get hooked on to see the final outcome!

My support is there Eric, I just need to find something to build that I can document... Other than ME related!

When I have a spark and start a build, you will have the full build log posted here.



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