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Divided he ad:
Well it's not a case of not being interested... I just tend to miss some stuff!!

I have a few of questions if I may?

Since I know nothing of the laws over there, do you not have the issues of cooling off periods etc? How would that work if you made the pistol?

Is your neighbourhood that bad that you have to carry a pistol?  (just wondering... not trying to offend, I happen to be one Brit' who thinks guns are not the total problem, it's the person controling them that malfunctions!)

Final question, Will there be any differences in the long term between the pistols if one is a cast body and one billet?
I.E. fatigue corrosion etc....

Just curious... feel free to answer candidly :)


 I have no idea what you mean by cooling off period.....Takes weeks to build a gun of any kind , my enthusiasm has cooled considerably by time I am finished.....Hehhehhe
.Cast or billit makes no difference . These frames are steel..There are also aluminum 1911 frames...and there are plastic frames of other very popular semi auto handguns...
 As for laws that cover homebuilds I would refer you to those folks who can quote verbatim, I likely to word the explanation in way that could be misunderstood...Theres a lot of laws..
  I have had guns since I was a teenager and I'm 52 now..Indeed EVERYBODY I know started off with a few guns and hunting when they were teenager..This is very safe area here where I live but my wife works in the city and I would rather she had a firearm with her if she brokedown some night coming home.I am bit out of the loop since I dont already have a big handgun, have a .22 revolver with a scope. I have never had anything to be used for defensive purposes.
 When I was very young my GrandFather would let me take apart his old guns and clean them and put them back together..Now I have those old guns..Nothing worth any real money but considerable sentimental value..I have built copies of couple of the single shot  rifles.....22s are my favorite since they quiet ,I can shoot them on my property and it dont bother the neighbors in this rural area..Everybody around here hunts.

Love watching gun builds. The laws here are a little restrictive, but I do plan to move and retire back in New England where the laws are a little more favorable. Please continue with the build.

On a side note, I do have a few projects that will be logged here as I do them. Just going to take me a little while to get my life in order... after 5 months of unemployment I just started a new job. Of course, we found out last week we are being bought and I won't have a job again in a few weeks...



--- Quote from: Brass_Machine on September 01, 2008, 11:46:20 PM ---Just going to take me a little while to get my life in order... after 5 months of unemployment I just started a new job. Of course, we found out last week we are being bought and I won't have a job again in a few weeks...


--- End quote ---

Ah, that explains your not being around so much. Wish you luck with the future. May it treat you a bit better.

Now back to gun building. 8)


 I finished the build of the pair of 1911s..This is week old picture dont show the sights I installed on the top 1911 but otherwise the guns today look no different than in this picture...
 I starting drawing the parts and generating code to scratchbuild a Winchester Highwall falling block rifle in .45-70 caliber...............For those who might not know , these Colt clone 1911 handguns and the Winchester mod 1885 Highwall were both invented by John Moses Browning...Genious prolific American arms designer.
....Anyway ,anyway.... Several years ago I built the lowwall which is practically the same gun and it took so long to build it that I swore I would never build another...But friend has asked me to help him .He wants to build one so I will make him and I each a set of parts using my cnc mill...To be perfectly legal I will handover parts to him that are very far from usable, nothing remotely resembling a reciever by legal definition.....He'll have a monumental amount of work to do to finish his Highwall, especially considering the few machines that he has to work with...I on the other hand will run through and finish mine in matter of a few weeks..........I love metalsworking!!....


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