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   I am building copy of a Stevens Tip-up .22 pistol ..This all for learning lost wax investment casting..First I build this gun in steel. Then will use the parts as patterns to make rubber molds.The molds to output wax patterns that will be invested and cast in bronze....

Very cool. I do like guns and at one time had a fairly decent collection. However, I am not familiar with the term 'tip up'. What exactly does that mean?


Thankyou for showing the interest...Stevens was a company later bought out by Savage...Stevens very first model was the Tip-Up..Apparently that refers to the breech opening by tipping up to present the spent cartridge to the shooter..See the attached picture, a typical tip-up....There were a go-zillion slightly different Tip-up models..Some were small pistols, others were long pistols like I am building and then some were made as rifles....Stevens primarily made low cost guns for boys..Like the famous Stevens Favorite and Stevens Marksman...Possibly I like the Stevens guns because my name is Steven..I dunno but I have built several of Stevens designs....and they are not hard to build...I find gun picture I like and drag it into Autocad where I trace it and scale it and soon after that I am cutting metal

Ahhh. never seen that style of loading referred to as tip up. Makes sense though. I had a TC contender that loaded like that.

  Well somebody ought to be yakking about their projects....Probably this dont interest anybody--
.I mostly finished the Tip-up project now and have begun building a couple 1911s..My wife wants to carry a .45 with her so I building her and I each a new handgun...In the picture you see an 'as recieved' stainless steel frame casting and second one that I been cutting on....These are good projects and perfectly legal if you live in most of the US....Frame and slide castings are 35 bucks from Sarco..Will cost me bit less than 200 dollars to build each 1911 and will give me many hours in the machineshop for entertainment...Not an easy project ..I have made a couple 'oops' so far..I have full schematics but having trouble reading some of it, blurry print and out of focus lines and I have poor vision anyway..


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