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Stone Finishes Etc.(faux painted for all materials)
« on: February 20, 2010, 07:25:06 AM »
Stone Finishes Etc.
The Home Decorating Institute
Cy DeCosse Inc
ISBN 0-86573-997-8
Creative Touches series

Another one that can add some interesting accent to your work either as a small faux stone base, or a pillar, plinth, or pedestal to hold work for display or show.

Combining the paint and patina’s either natural or chemically enhanced, can add to pieces impact or just the display.

It is divided into 3 sections, Getting Started: Primers & Finishes, Tools for Faux Finishing, Preparing the Surface, Water based Paints & Glazes.

Faux Stone Finishes: Starting with a Granite, then an Unpolished Stone, Tigereye, Malachite and finishing up with a Lapis Finish in the stone and gem area.

Faux marble Finishes: An Onyx, Serpentine, Portoro, (black and gold marble) Norwegian Rose, (white with pink and green patches of color with green/gray veining) and the ending with a Travertine marble.

Each section is complete with materials list, full color step by step photo’s on how to do the finish. Use of the water based glazes, and all the tools to accomplish the veining and the subtle shades and hues and colors.  With a number of clear coats over it  you will have an outstanding display piece for your art work.

Again this and others along this line, are sold in the book section of your big box home builders stores.  They do help sell the painting supplies, most of the larger stores will have all most everything in the tool line you will need.*

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