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Metallic Finishes Etc. (Faux painted for all materials)
« on: February 19, 2010, 11:13:28 AM »
Metallic Finishes Etc.
The Home Decorating Institute
Cy DeCosse Inc
Creative touches series
ISBN  0-86573-875

This one is for the mixed media items mostly that one might consider to carry out a patina or oxide finishing theme.  Yes it can be done on metals if all the correct surface preparation procedure is followed to give tooth to the surface for the coating of your chose to hold to.

It helps with other types of finishes and to achieve them.  If one is knowledgeable about the assorted tools, whether they are brushes, the type, shape or what the bristles are made of.  Masking materials the new low tack easy release tapes in the blue or green flavors. Or any of the other items.
An area that some metal artists don’t consider when putting their work up for photo’s even if on there own site is the background area.  A couple pieces of thicker dry wall and  some framing to hold them up. You can paint and decorative it, and then change it to suit the theme or style or era of the work.

The faux  metallic finishes can be a quick and easy addition to give the photo’s punch! Whether it is small jewelry, table top sculptures,  wall hangings or free standing indoor work.

This book is divided into three sections.  The first of course is getting started, which is divided into Primers & Finish, Tools & Supplies, Prepping the Surface and Paints.  Latex, Acrylic craft paint and rattle can oil based  are covered. Not a lot of info, some general stuff.
It then moves on to the Painted Metallic Finishes.  Faux Verdigris, Faux Rust, Antiqued Metallic Finishes, Scumbled Wall Designs and Metallic Marbleizing.  The last item has some possibilities of adding some interesting highlights and color to patina of an oxide nature.
Finally ending with the Gilded finishes, Metal-leaf finishes, and what they call Gold-Leaf (Brass patent leaf) correct term is patent leaf.  As only real gold leaf, is called gold leaf.
Gilded Designs and ideas on using  Masking tape and cutting designs.  About the only thing that has changed is the wider use of the clear slow drying acrylic white type glue instead of shellac.  It has made gilding so much easier that it is now sold in most craft stores.

Filled with color photo’s and very short easy to do step by step’s. you can even do a great look textured Faux rust painted patina for those fussy people that want the look with out the rust.  Check out your local home store’s book selection, as they generally have a good assortment.  It helps sell paint!


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