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Have any of you Guys suffered from an allergy to wood, recently I machined some hard wood, not sure what sort (reddy fibrous stuff) came out with a red itchy rash on my face and eyes, when I go into my shop if I disturb the wood dust from my machining activity it flares up again this is despite cleaning my shop out and vacuuming but the dust seems to have gotten everyware. Did a web search and there is quite a list of different woods that will cause an allergic reaction.

Believe me its very uncomfortable

Take care out there you don't know what will bite you next.


Could it have been rosewood? I think that can cause problems, though more from splinters rather than simple contact, or there wouldn't be much rosewood furniture around.


Rosewood is a pain.  It smells good, but I got some reaction (sneezing, itchy/watery eyes) from making pens of the stuff.  Never had a problem in over 35 years of woodworking before this.

Gerhard Olivier:
Hi Stew

Not Meranti?  it fits the description

Some is even redder and it is stringy and difficult to get it to look nice.(enough to put people of woodwork)

It is also well know for alergic reactions (itch sneeze and eye water)

Hope it helps


Here is a link to a rather lengthy, but interesting, article about the hazards of wood allergies. I protect my lungs as much as possible, but the skin is almost impossible to keep free of the dust. The article explains the bodies attempt to protect you and the hazards of multiple exposure.


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