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Oh yes, I know what you mean now by "offset" used it many times myself in AutoCad .. No, don't hink this one has that... shame

But what it does have is a gear calculator ... that's brill  :)

I have two gears and wanted to work out what size blanks I needed to make new ones of different sizes. This prog tells you  :)

OK, I know, I need to learn the sums for myself ...  :doh:

What annoys me with Autocad is that my ver doesn't work with Vista or Win7

So I need an old machine with XP on it just for CAD .... that's really irritating !!

And here's the gears I would like to make  :)

John Stevenson:
Quite a few freebies.

In no particular order and you will have to google for download links.

A9CAD                a lot like Autocad
Progecad LT       same as autocad but legal to run.
Bricad                 another Autocad clone
Dolphin CAD        free to use but the cam side needs a licence.
Alibre Express     free 3D modeller

And probably the best deal out there for 2D CAD is Solid Edge Origin, full parametric program for free. Parametric is where you change a part and the whole drawing updates itself.

John S.

This thread is moving too quick for quotes :bugeye:

1) Darren .......... if they have omitted an "offset" command that's a bit like having a "chocolate" fireguard   :scratch:
2) Vista ........... where's the "spitty" smiley ....... that's why my "Vista" went in the bin and I re-installed XP ...... and will continue to do so ......... CAD is more useful to me than "shiny windows"  ........ that's not a Tina Turner track is it  :coffee: .......... steam is involved somewhere   ::)

forgive my ramblings  :poke:

3) JS ............ thank you  :thumbup:



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