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Scale Models From Soda Cans, Joe Baker
« on: January 29, 2010, 06:53:06 AM »
Scale Models From Soda Cans
Joe Baker
Can-Du Publications

Well this was hard to get for a while as they let the domain main expire.  It is a fun exercise when you canít do full sized metal bending.
As it can be done on a small table or drafting type lap board watching the tube if so desired.
A word about the material, if you havenít tried cutting an aluminum  drink can.  It can be a test of nerves, as the way they are made for minimum material use and maximum stacking strength.

I prefer, flashing stock, both aluminum and the PVC material.  Brass and SS shim stock will also work. Plus you arenít bound by the size panels limitations of drink cans.
The book consists of:
Tell Me About this
The Can
The Tools
Sample Model Project

The two biggest things that come out of the book is the use of those EMT trauma style scissors in ďskinningĒ  the can as he says.  And the use of paper/card models for patterns on top of the metal.  Use of a guillotine type paper cuter also makes long square cuts easier.
I like to scan the pattern of what ever it is.  In to the computer and then print it out on the full sheet label paper then cut them out and attach to the metal.

Some sources for paper/card models are:     Great site and great people   The kids loved this program, and so did I  Another one on the program                   

Well you get the idea there are a whole lot of sites out there (google is your friend) dedicated to paper models that can be used for patterns or ideas.  I have a first edition of the book I donít know if there have been chances in it or not.
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