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Enameling on Metal Clay, Pam East
« on: January 28, 2010, 07:07:54 AM »
Enameling on Metal Clay
Pam East
Pam East
Pam East

This is her other book, on enameling On the metal clay. Which is if you are unaware, a clay that when baked for a time turns in to a solid  metal.  It started out with just silver and gold.  They have since added copper and I understand that bronze isn’t to far behind.

It isn’t cheap for any of it, but it can be used to make some very interesting pieces as with the poly/clay.

As a side note the current edition of this booklet that is offered on her site.  Is enlarged by a good number of pages, as this one has only 32.

This one  has the basics of the enamel and metal clays, characteristics so working it will not be a problem.  As you start out.

Chapters include:
Enameling Tools & Materials
Creating for Enameling
Preparing Metal Clay
Sifted Applications
Wet-packed Applications
Kiln Firing
Torch Fired Beads
Trouble Shooting
Bibliography which now is outdated, as the book and instruction coverage of both subjects.  Has grown like mushrooms.

There any number of places both on line and locally too, that handle the metal clays.  And some thing to remember is the only thing that metal clay and other types of clay have in common is the name.  Read and follow all the directions for good results. The price by some  is tied to the precious metals market

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