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Enamel Bead Making (Booklet and Video) Pam East
« on: January 27, 2010, 05:23:45 AM »
Enamel Bead Making (Booklet and Video)
Pam East
Pam East

Ok this one is a 2 for, you may remember a site called Pinzart that was around a couple of years ago.  This is that, or that is this.  She found out that trying to make ago of small niche businesses can be hard even during good times.  More so when you are buying supplies in bulk and then repackaging them for retail or wholesale.  She got out of the biz to direct her efforts to a more profitable segment.

That said , She has taken the Thompson booklet, and up dated each section as to tools, materials, and supplies.  They are the non leaded type of enamel.

Also about using floor tile instead of asbestos, as a work surface for hot and the other items.

The first 9 pages go over each item that you need, Tools and Materials.  Sections 2 through 6 are comprised of Safety, Set-Up, Basic White Bead, adding Color, Finishing.
That covers 19 pages, the last section #7 is 4 pages of 9 trouble shooting common questions.

Now the above might not seem like much, but combining that with the Video.  It is well worth the cost of them which considering  was the same when I bought it years ago. $19.95 plus shipping.

When you compare it to some of the very over priced videos in the crafts area that are of poor quality and dubious educational content.  It is a real great deal, whether you are thinking of heading off into a side road.  Or just something different to surprise the ladies in your life for presents for any occasion.  Jewelry, wind or sun catchers.  Or the new tree jewelry trend. (fancy name for garden art)

You will find this money well spent.  The video is well done with good production values.

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