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Action Whirligigs: 25 Easy -to-do- Projrcts
« on: January 19, 2010, 06:10:27 AM »
Action Whirligigs: 25 Easy-to-do Projects
Anders S. Lunde
Dover Reprint 2003, originally published
By Modern Handicrafts Inc.
Copyright © 1989
Trade paperback
ISBN 978-0-486-42745-4

Dover Books USA

Dover Books UK

This is the third book on winds toys by Mr. Lunde that I have.  All of them in this book are what is called silhouette or cut-out style. The are relatively flat style.

There are Non-Mechanical Whirligigs, and then there are a number of styles of mechanical ones that can be divide into Moving Torso Whirligigs, Rocking Whirligigs, Hidden Drive Shaft, Single Arm, Double Arm and Double Cam Whirligigs.

The book starts out with a short chapter on Silhouette Whirligigs and the whirligigs that are included in this book.

Silhouette components, Platforms, Driving Mechanisms, Propellers, and Axles in Chapter 2.

Chapter 3 is Construction of Silhouette Whirligigs,  with the Tools and Materials, General Procedures, and making stands and displaying your whirligigs.

Chapter 4 is the Mechanical whirligigs, All of them have a B&W photo, a drawing on graph looking paper, with names and sizes of the parts.  There also is any number of extra drawings as needed by the whirligig.  Some of the Moving Torso’s are Cranking the Car, Baking a Pie, Oil Well Pump, Who’s the Boss, Man/Women Fishing, etc.

Rocking ones include Mule Kicking the Farmer, Woodpecker, Ship on the rocks, Bronco etc.

Hidden drive shaft, See-Saw and, Chickens Feeding ones. Single Arm ones includes Saluting the flag and the Blacksmith at the Anvil.

Double arm, Maestro at the Piano, Woman at the Computer.  Double cam is the milking the Cow.

Weathervane ones includes Valentine, Dutch Tulips, River Boat, Sailboat and Water skier.

As with the other books by Mr. Lunde they are well done and will give lots of hours of enjoyment.  He finishes up with a couple pages about designing your own whirligigs and weather vanes.
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