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17 of these shadow boxes to put the seniors jerseys in. Banquet is Sunday and the weather has been cold to paint them. We will give them out and I will disassemble them and paint when the weather gets proper.

Powder Keg:
Those look like they turned out pretty nice.

Those look nice. I take it they did well??



Nice work there Tink.  :ddb: :ddb:

Too bad about the cold. I'd ship you some of our weather down but its not painting weather either. I'm still waiting for a good batch of real cold weather to ship down to Bernd as I promised him some awhile ago and I would hate to go back on my word.  :lol: :lol:

I am sure that they won't mind waiting for you to make a proper paint job in decent weather.  :D

Cheers  :beer:



--- Quote from: Brass_Machine on January 11, 2010, 08:51:02 PM ---Those look nice. I take it they did well??


--- End quote ---
Thanks everyone for the kind words. My sister lives in Michigan and she giggles everytime we talk, taking credit for sending us a real winter. Six straight lows of 14 deg or less, 9 deg one night. I wouldn't take a million dollars for the look on their faces when they saw the first one presented. When we had handed out the lst one, a senior stood up and said, "I didn't get mine", his mother yelled out, "you took it home". That was a great moment. Of course, when he brings it back, I will mount it for him.

Another great moment was when the Principal realized that he had to replace a full set of Home Game jerseys. These uniforms were wore by a five year coach when he was a freshman player and he said they were old at that time.

The best thing is, I will have some shop time for me as soon as we get our normal winter weather back, so, please don't send us that Canadian jet stream again.


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