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A few of the things I have made

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The first is a CD rack made from the leg of an old pool table. The two buffalo nickels were in the leg when I took it apart.

I have about eight more pictures, but photobucket is not cooperating right now, so I will add them tomorrow.

Photobucket fixed itself. Here is a jewelry box.

And this one has a lasered picture of granddaughter and cat in the top.

This is grandson and sister lasered in lid.

Here is thw phone book Hoder and small umbrella storage in the foyer.

This is the clock that gets me up and running everyday.

Made this pic frame for me, sis and gramps.


Looks like your a man of many talents. Some fine woodworking talents that I see you have displayed there.  :ddb: :ddb:

Happy New Year

Cheers  :beer:



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