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Hardening Tempering Annealing and forging of steel
« on: December 29, 2009, 09:00:42 AM »
Hardening Tempering Annealing and forging of steel
Joseph V Woodworth
Lindsay Books reprint
1990 of the 1907 ed
original copyrightę1902
Lindsay Books
ISBN 1-55918-049-8

This is a hidden gem for smiths, as it contains a large number of formula and methods that were used at the turn of the century. In the industrial settings. Some are not suitable for the small shop type smith. Others haven't really changed other than some steps or ingredients have been left out.
If you are a fan of old line illustrations of machinery. Then this has a ton of gas blast type furnaces for heat treating everything from chains to ball bearings.

  • Kinds of steel produced in America,effects of heat on it
  • Annealing processes, the terms annealing, hardening and tempering defined
  • Hardening and tempering of milling cutters and the like
  • Hardening,tempering and straightening small tools
  • Heating and cooling of steel, Tough steel and hard steel the difference
  • Hardening of steel in water, brine,oil,and solutions, Lead baths, clay
  • Tempering by colors,in oil,on hot plates,by thermometer,in hot water,in the sand bath and by special methods
  • Case-hardening processes, bone, charcoal,cyanide of potassium
  • Hardening of dies, and all kinds of press tools for working sheet metal
  • Forging and welding of steel and iron, drop forging, from edged tools
  • Methods, processes,kinks,pointers and tables used in metal work
  • Grinding,accurate and rapid grinding of tools and small machine parts, emery wheels and their uses

It includes much more, information and gems of info, like Tempering Swords and Cutlasses to pass the US Government testing."The tempering of swords so that they will stand the United States government test may be accomplished by heating in a charcoal fire to a bright red and quenching in pure water, afterward drawing the temper in a charcoal flame."
From welding buggy springs to setting up a drop forge hammer. We didn't have a buggy spring but an old chair spring question on the forum.

This is one well worth the money, even if only for the historical perspective.

Nation Builder Books

Lindsay Books

In disclosure, I'm a customer of both and a friend of the guy that  owns Nation Builder Books as he is a vendor at the NAMES expo each year.*

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